Saturday, December 31, 2011


Okay, I know this is over a month late. . . . butttt, better late than never, right?! And at least I am posting it before 2012! :) 

We had a great Thanksgiving - - - - we spent it running ourselves ragged to multiple family get-togethers. We didn't even make it to all of them. :( Hopefully next year we can. This year, we were a bit under the weather - as you can tell by Ellie Bean's nose. 

Ellz lookin' festive in her sweater dress. She looked so cute! 

Ellie and her Nana at Aunt Diane's house. 

Ellie and her Auntie M - so thankful for one another! 

Next year I will have to take more pictures - we just weren't feeling it this year, I guess! 

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