Friday, September 9, 2011


So have you seen that E-Trade commercial where the little babies are on the plane, and the one baby thinks the pilot is his Dad when he speaks over the intercom? He keeps yelling, “Daaaaaaaaaaad?!” It is so funny! Typically, babies say “Da-Da,” not “Daaaaaaaaaaad.” But it never fails, when Ellie is around Jimmy, he is constantly mocking that E-Trade baby. He will repeatedly say “Daaaaaaaaad” over and over. I am just waiting for the day when Ellie will start wailing out the word, too. I actually think it will be pretty cute! :)


CIMG7492Jimmy is such a good dad. He really is great with our baby girl. Last week, we went to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather.

CIMG7494 She loves the swings!


CIMG7505 Someone sure is her Daddy’s girl.


No Words . . .

IMG_1720  IMG_1722                       



She Loves Her Auntie



IMG_1585 Ready for that bald spot to GO AWAY!


Trip to Kansas City!

Ellie and I joined Nana and went to Kansas City, Kansas for a conference. We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge, which was absolutely AWESOME. I recommend it for all kids – it is so cool! They have so many activities and things to do in the hotel for kiddos, not to mention a HUGE indoor water park!

IMG_1596 Ellie checking out the bed when we first arrived at the hotel! I sent this picture to her Daddy and he loved it. It’s the background of his phone now. :)

IMG_1602  When we got there the first night, we met up with Robin and went to dinner. I am kicking myself right now for not getting any pictures of Ellie with her! :( We spent time with her every day – shopping and eating out were the highlights (what Ellie and I do best!) ;)

Nana and Ellie looking over the lodge information booklet….

CIMG7464Nana cracking up when she saw that Ellie realized I got the camera out and immediately starting smiling. She loves the camera!



I kept giving Ellie all the toys we brought with us while I would get ready in the mornings. She didn’t know what to think – for about fifteen minutes each time!


IMG_1616 Beanie and I went to Panera for lunch one day while Nana was in meetings. Ellie tried mac and cheese for the first time. Oh. My. Goodness. I couldn’t feed her fast enough!

IMG_1627 Kansas City skyline :)

Enjoying the Weather

If you didn’t know, I have been unemployed for the whole month of August, so I have had lots of time to spend with Ellie. It has been amazing! (Side note: I got a job last Friday at a law office – I am beyond excited to get back to work, but will definitely miss spending the days with my baby girl!) The majority of August was smoldering hot, but there were a few days in there where the weather was beautiful. You can bet that Beanie and I took full advantage of those days and played outside!


CIMG7433 She loves playing with containers! Haven’t figured that one out yet. :)

CIMG7442 I’m just now getting used to this view, I can’t believe my little baby is sitting up on her own!

CIMG7448 After playing outside, we came inside and Ellie tried out some pizza for the first time. Can you tell how much she loved it?

CIMG7452 She was so happy about it! Uncle Jesse – not so much. He doesn’t like sharing his food! I’m so glad she is starting to eat more food. She used to be so picky! Now she will be eat about anything that I will! :)

Afternoon at the Park

One Sunday afternoon when the weather was nice, Ellie and I went to the park to test out the swings for the first time. As you can see, she was a tad bit too small for the baby swings yet. She’s so petite! She really enjoyed them, though! She almost fell asleep while I was pushing her!


CIMG7416 She started drooling and humming – trying to put herself to sleep! :)

CIMG7426 After swinging, we took a couple laps around the park in Ellie Bean’s stroller. We definitely enjoyed the afternoon. I foresee many trips to the park in Ellie’s future!