Friday, September 9, 2011


So have you seen that E-Trade commercial where the little babies are on the plane, and the one baby thinks the pilot is his Dad when he speaks over the intercom? He keeps yelling, “Daaaaaaaaaaad?!” It is so funny! Typically, babies say “Da-Da,” not “Daaaaaaaaaaad.” But it never fails, when Ellie is around Jimmy, he is constantly mocking that E-Trade baby. He will repeatedly say “Daaaaaaaaad” over and over. I am just waiting for the day when Ellie will start wailing out the word, too. I actually think it will be pretty cute! :)


CIMG7492Jimmy is such a good dad. He really is great with our baby girl. Last week, we went to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather.

CIMG7494 She loves the swings!


CIMG7505 Someone sure is her Daddy’s girl.


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