Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My friend, Christina G. pretty much made my day yesterday when she honored me and several other of my favorite ladies on Instagram with this badge . . . 
Christina is having a little girl, KatieAnn Marie, this summer. She has made a support system for other moms on Instagram to go to for advice and opinions . . .  and has seen me fit to be one of the trusted ladies to call on. I am beyond thrilled and pretty excited about this! The hashtag is #igexpertmom.

This is another reason why I love Instagram - I have made so many friends on there that I can come to rely on for lots of things! If you have an iPhone and aren't using Instagram . . . you are SO missing out. You really need to trust me on this one and check it out! My username is @jordynrae.

Side note: I have some adorable pictures from my little cousin, Lydia's birthday party at a pool a couple weeks ago. I promise to get them up BY tomorrow. :) 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

stop growing.

Can I just say right now that I REALLY want this little girl to STOP growing. She isn't even like, a baby anymore. It's a challenge to cradle her in my arms, I can't change her diaper sitting in a chair with her on my lap anymore, she doesn't lay still on her Momma's bed watching me get ready and slowly fall asleep, she won't let me cuddle with her for more than 8 seconds. The list stretches on. She's a little lady now....

She's always putting her finger in her mouth . . . staring at me all like "ummm. mom..."

I love the way she sits. Perfect posture - back straight as an arrow. 

She wants to sit at her big girl table that Papa built for her all the time now. We have yet to have a tea party . . . but you can bet it will be on this blog as soon as we do!

She makes silly faces...

She catches up on evening reading ... 

and walks around on her tippy toes constantly. She's fancy.

Ellie had her second hair cut last night. I think we've finally got all of the dead, frazzled baby hair off now. It is really getting thicker all the time. I feel like I'm raising a tiny little woman.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

'valentimes' day

Ellie Beans had a pretty good Valentime's Day. She kicked off the holiday early by wearing her Hello Kitty V-Day shirt on Saturday. She woke up from her nap lookin' pretty cute . . . 

See what I mean?

She gave out a few Valentines....

wore a pretty dress....

got a couple cute books from her Momma....

and jewelry from her Daddy....

she gave out lots of "lovins"....

and loved her "bloons"...

Hope everyone had a very happy Valentine's Day! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

embrace the camera

Last Friday, Ellie went to Homecoming to watch her Aunt Mollie give up her crown. Nana and Papa took care of her at the game while her Dad and I went to dinner.

miss priss in her cute jeans. you can bet that flower stayed in her hair for about .2 seconds.

I snapped some pics of Ellie before we all left. She was in such a good mood. Her Dad was thrilled to take pictures with her! (sarcasm) Seriously, it is such a challenge to make him cooperate. This one is okay, but seriously not the greatest. I always tell him how important it is that we embrace the camera. She will cherish these photos SO MUCH one day! :)

still pulling at her hair . . . making sure I didn't sneak that flower back in there.  can you tell jimmy is ever so pleased with me . . . 

she's growing up so fast. how can i stop it?!

Once again, walking is so tough on us. Ellie was into everything at the ball game. Apparently she got on the floor during the coronation and tried to walk out onto the basketball court. I bet she just wanted to get to her pretty Aunt Mollie. But luckily, Nana stopped her. ;)

Aunt Mollie and Kayla
Kayla is one of Uncle Jesse's best friends. She got ready at our house with Auntie M before the game!

I am linking up with Emily Anderson's blog. It is such a good read, and I love her "Embrace the Camera" idea! Normally I like to embrace the camera with myself and Beans, but I'm going to try to get Jimmy to do it more, too. You can read more about her and her precious family here.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Last Sunday was Super Bowl, but you all know this unless you're from another planet. We kept up with tradition and watched the game at Aaron's. We, of course, had lots of fun, but Ellie didn't make it too easy on us. She's starting to walk, and she's not so good at it. Seriously, the girl is CONSTANTLY falling/hitting her head/ stubbing toes/getting into things she shouldn't be getting into/etc. I know that's all part of it and all babies do it, but yikes. It's awful. To make matters worse, she was such a crab Sunday. It was so embarrassing. I know everyone was thinking, "Geeze....this kid!" ....or at least that's what I was thinking. :/

One of the few times Ellie actually smiled during the night. I don't know if Nate was tickling her or what, but she seemed to like him! :) 

Uncle Aaron making girls cry....this time he can't be blamed, though. She was one sassy little sugar!

Beans trying to change the channel. She knows how to make everyone love her!
(I think I should point out that last year Dane wore a Steelers jersey, and they lost. This year he wore a Patriots jersey, and they lost. Maybe next year you should go with a little reverse psychology, Dane!)

We had to take the group picture like last year, and we will be taking this picture every year. (I know you guys look forward to it!) I forgot my camera so it was taken with my phone. I'm really kicking myself now because these pics turned out horribly :(

Everyone so ticked off at Ellie - even Mya is on the floor like, Come on kid . . . get your stuff together. I swear, this picture wasn't planned. I didn't tell everyone to look at my baby like they wanted to beat her. It just happened that way. Whoops.

Ellie spent her evening knocking over drinks, harassing Mya Sanders, crying, and trying to turn off the DirecTV receiver. Such a terd. I kept thinking about last year...when she just laid quietly in my lap. Those were the days *sigh* Hopefully next year she is a little less of a terror.

Poor Mya!

Super Bowl 2011

Super Bowl 2012

Anyway, the game was good and the food was great. I was glad the Giants won. Half time was okay...I thought Madonna rocked it! But I guess a lot of people disagree.... they're not going to ever make everyone happy.

And I will leave you all with this. It's going in the Banner for your birthday next year, AV!