Wednesday, February 22, 2012

stop growing.

Can I just say right now that I REALLY want this little girl to STOP growing. She isn't even like, a baby anymore. It's a challenge to cradle her in my arms, I can't change her diaper sitting in a chair with her on my lap anymore, she doesn't lay still on her Momma's bed watching me get ready and slowly fall asleep, she won't let me cuddle with her for more than 8 seconds. The list stretches on. She's a little lady now....

She's always putting her finger in her mouth . . . staring at me all like "ummm. mom..."

I love the way she sits. Perfect posture - back straight as an arrow. 

She wants to sit at her big girl table that Papa built for her all the time now. We have yet to have a tea party . . . but you can bet it will be on this blog as soon as we do!

She makes silly faces...

She catches up on evening reading ... 

and walks around on her tippy toes constantly. She's fancy.

Ellie had her second hair cut last night. I think we've finally got all of the dead, frazzled baby hair off now. It is really getting thicker all the time. I feel like I'm raising a tiny little woman.


Aayla Rae Stewart said...

Im right there with you honey!! Aayla has turned into a little madam already! She is as good as gold most of the time but she has such a strong will and mind! If she doesnt want to do something she will not!!

There are things I am trying to nip in the bud already before they really start to turn into something! Scary times ahead I think!


AhoyNative said...

Isn't it so sad, I hate that they have to grow up! Dakota has been in this "big girl" stage for a while now. Like, I can put on gabba and she would be content all day watching it, never even coming to look for me. It's really sad watching them grow up, but ind it's proven to be super fun too! Each age is something new and exciting!

ps, she's adorable!

<3 Meghan

Anonymous said...

Awwe I know the feeling, I'm in the same boat!! She is so darn cute though! I can't wait to see tea party pics :)

WhitBoff said...

awww this makes me sad. I feel like when I just found you guys they were both so itty bitty, now...not so much! Promise we'll still be soul sisters when they're teenagers and we can talk about what stupid non-appreciative brats they are?? :) She's beautiful, Jordyn. xoxo.

Bekka said...

Awww...she's practicing for high heels. :)

Seriously, though, they grow way too fast. I love this stage, but I do miss my cuddly little guy.

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