Thursday, February 9, 2012

embrace the camera

Last Friday, Ellie went to Homecoming to watch her Aunt Mollie give up her crown. Nana and Papa took care of her at the game while her Dad and I went to dinner.

miss priss in her cute jeans. you can bet that flower stayed in her hair for about .2 seconds.

I snapped some pics of Ellie before we all left. She was in such a good mood. Her Dad was thrilled to take pictures with her! (sarcasm) Seriously, it is such a challenge to make him cooperate. This one is okay, but seriously not the greatest. I always tell him how important it is that we embrace the camera. She will cherish these photos SO MUCH one day! :)

still pulling at her hair . . . making sure I didn't sneak that flower back in there.  can you tell jimmy is ever so pleased with me . . . 

she's growing up so fast. how can i stop it?!

Once again, walking is so tough on us. Ellie was into everything at the ball game. Apparently she got on the floor during the coronation and tried to walk out onto the basketball court. I bet she just wanted to get to her pretty Aunt Mollie. But luckily, Nana stopped her. ;)

Aunt Mollie and Kayla
Kayla is one of Uncle Jesse's best friends. She got ready at our house with Auntie M before the game!

I am linking up with Emily Anderson's blog. It is such a good read, and I love her "Embrace the Camera" idea! Normally I like to embrace the camera with myself and Beans, but I'm going to try to get Jimmy to do it more, too. You can read more about her and her precious family here.


Jess Judkins said...

Eillie is adorable is her full name Luella? I LOVE it

Jacy said...

so cuuuute :) I bet she got lots of attention at homecoming! hehe.

The Prairie Hen said...

Mine wont keep things in her hair either. Poo. What a cutie with or without tho. ;)

Jordyn said...

Thank you ladies!
Jess, her full name is Luella Claire. Luella is a family name, and Claire is after my best friend. She goes by "Ellie" because that was the name her Dad and I originally agreed on. :) Plus she looks like an Ellie!

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