Friday, June 24, 2011

Best Pals

CIMG7214 This little girl has melted her Uncle’s heart.

CIMG7217 She loves him so much!

CIMG7218 …..he wears her out! :)

Ellie’s 1st Time Swimming

We finally bought Ellie a pool since she has so many swim suits to wear! We lathered her up last Sunday and she took a dip! :) Hands down, it was one of the cutest things I have ever witnessed!

CIMG7228 She didn’t know what was going on!

CIMG7229 We always put lotion on before bed, so she was all sorts of confused!

CIMG7234 Hammin’ it up!

CIMG7236 Doesn’t this smile just make you want to DIE?! ;)

CIMG7237 So cute!

CIMG7238 In love with this suit . . . .

CIMG7239 and these eyes! <3

CIMG7250 Soakin’ up the sun!

CIMG7255 She loves her turtle Uncle Jesse bought her!

CIMG7260 He just couldn’t resist – had to get in with her!

CIMG7265 They had fun!

CIMG7263 We will for sure be doing this a lot this summer! :)

Girl’s Day!!!

Who could ask for more?! Shopping  . . . . good food . . . . love it! :)

CIMG7203 Princess and me! :)

CIMG7202 She’s going through this squealing phase! :)

CIMG7206 Taylor Paige and Ellie Beans

Congrats, Allie Jo!

My little cousin Allie graduated this Spring and we went to her graduation party a few weekends ago! Allie is going to Cosmetology School – we are so proud of her! :) Silly me didn’t get any pictures of the grad, but I stole one from her facebook page! ;)

259873_10150205948291174_557051173_7415450_1527107_n Isn’t she a beaut?! Love her to pieces and know she’ll be great at whatever she does! Especially hair! ;)

CIMG7191 My little lady, her Uncle Jess, and Taylor Paige

CIMG7197She thinks she is hot stuff! :)

CIMG7199  Oh my goodness. I couldn’t love this picture any more than I already do. Ellie’s look, those blue eyes, her chubby legs, and my beautiful Mama – AKA Ellie’s Nana all in one shot. Love this. :)

CIMG7200TWO in a row of Nana not shielding the camera! Yayyyy for memories!!  :)

One of Ellie’s Biggest Fans . . .

Grandma Ronda and Grandpa Rodney live just up the road from us . . . . so they get to see Ellie Beans quite a bit. When Ellie was first born, Grandma just couldn’t seem to get enough of her – but Grandpa, on the other hand, although he loved her to pieces – he just thought she was too delicate to hold. So he let everyone else take turns holding her and just stood back. But now, Ellie is big enough to where he feels comfortable taking her on. :)

Last month, Grandma and Grandpa babysat Ellie one day. Boy oh boy, she didn’t only steal some of their time, but she also stole Grandpa’s heart. Now he is the first one to grab her up when we make the trip to Grandma and Grandpa Wilson’s. :)

CIMG7165 He gets her right when we come through the door! :)

CIMG7167 Ellie loves her Grandpa

CIMG7169 Here’s Grace and Rance playing with Grandpa and Ellie. Grandpa’s face cracks me up! :)

CIMG7170 So thankful for our awesome family and for the joy that this little one brings to us all.