Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My friend, Christina G. pretty much made my day yesterday when she honored me and several other of my favorite ladies on Instagram with this badge . . . 
Christina is having a little girl, KatieAnn Marie, this summer. She has made a support system for other moms on Instagram to go to for advice and opinions . . .  and has seen me fit to be one of the trusted ladies to call on. I am beyond thrilled and pretty excited about this! The hashtag is #igexpertmom.

This is another reason why I love Instagram - I have made so many friends on there that I can come to rely on for lots of things! If you have an iPhone and aren't using Instagram . . . you are SO missing out. You really need to trust me on this one and check it out! My username is @jordynrae.

Side note: I have some adorable pictures from my little cousin, Lydia's birthday party at a pool a couple weeks ago. I promise to get them up BY tomorrow. :) 


stephanie said...

this is so fun! so fun how you make friends in the least expected places : )

Bekka said...

Yes! I love IG...the people I have "met" there are amazing.

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