Friday, September 9, 2011

Enjoying the Weather

If you didn’t know, I have been unemployed for the whole month of August, so I have had lots of time to spend with Ellie. It has been amazing! (Side note: I got a job last Friday at a law office – I am beyond excited to get back to work, but will definitely miss spending the days with my baby girl!) The majority of August was smoldering hot, but there were a few days in there where the weather was beautiful. You can bet that Beanie and I took full advantage of those days and played outside!


CIMG7433 She loves playing with containers! Haven’t figured that one out yet. :)

CIMG7442 I’m just now getting used to this view, I can’t believe my little baby is sitting up on her own!

CIMG7448 After playing outside, we came inside and Ellie tried out some pizza for the first time. Can you tell how much she loved it?

CIMG7452 She was so happy about it! Uncle Jesse – not so much. He doesn’t like sharing his food! I’m so glad she is starting to eat more food. She used to be so picky! Now she will be eat about anything that I will! :)

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