Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ellie's 1st Birthday (continued)

Just picking up where I left off  . . . more pictures from the party! These were taken by Ellie's Aunt Donna. :)

....Okay, so here was the cutest thing ever. When everyone started to sing happy birthday to Ellie, she smiled SO big and was so excited! (So was I, apparently...)

...then she looked at me to see if I knew what was going on, and saw that I was singing, too....

....AND then came the freak out. I think she was embarrassed. 

Inspecting her cake. This was about as "messy" as she got with it.

Ellie's cousin Colten seemed to enjoy the cake! 

 Colten and Grandpa Don

Ellie wasn't sure about opening presents after awhile - she received way too many...but, she did enjoy sitting on the counter-top. 

Smiling with the card her Aunt Monica gave her - - - half of it is missing in the picture. The other side has Ellie's face on Kobe Bryant's body - and if you can't tell, that is Jimmy's face on Kevin Garnett's body. TOO FUNNY!

Opening Ellie's first pair of Toms from Taylor Paige. She loved how sparkly they were - they are so cute!  

Jennifer and Callie

Ellie and her Uncle Mark

Some of the party crowd! :) 

I have even more pictures to share, so there will be one more post coming soon of Ellie's birthday...hope you guys aren't getting bored! ;)

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