Monday, December 19, 2011

Party time!

Ellie's first birthday party went so great! It was really awesome to see everyone -- even though Christmas is next week! :) It is such a blessing to know how many people truly love our little girl. We are so thankful that all of them are a part of her life!

These are just some pictures from my phone and a few Jimmy's Aunt Monica took. The ones with my camera aren't the greatest quality, so stay tuned for some better shots of the way things were set up - and of Beans, of course! I will have to go through my camera and do another birthday party post. We really couldn't have asked for things to go any better.

One side of the bar where things were set up....

The other side....don't judge me for my fingerprint spotted mirror, please. :)

The cake was made by Amy Reed. She did such an amazing job. Everyone loved it and it was oh-so-tasty!

Opening one of the many presents - seriously, this little girl is so blessed! She is loving all her new toys and other things!

This picture is one of my favorites. It is one of the ones Monica captured :)

She didn't dig into the smash cake too much, which is probably a good thing!

Jimmy took off his hat so Ellie could play with it for a minute - she must have thought his hair was funny!

She was so cute when people sang Happy Birthday. She smiled SO big and cheesy-like, but by the end she started to whimper....I think she got embarrassed!

Thank you to everyone who shared her special day with us!


WhitBoff said...

YAYY!!! I'm so so glad she got to have a birthday party. I hope you are all feeling better. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL! Way to go Mamma!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Sooo cute! She is soo lucky to have you as her momma! Such a special day for you too!

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