Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Foofa, buttons, and Turrget

Just a little post to let you know what's been goin' on at our house lately...

I let Ellie open one of her birthday presents early because I wanted to see if she would get excited about opening presents she begged me to. As you can see, she was so very interested in the present (not the tv above.) Please refrain from viewing her Dad's hairy man legs in the background, uhthankyou!

All I can say is O.M.G.  It was the greatest thing I've ever witnessed. Ellie got so excited about what was in the box that she started kicking her legs so fast and smiling! It was so precious to watch! She got a Foofa doll. Foofa is a character from her favorite show, YoGabbaGabba. I don't think she is her favorite character, but she is one that we had to have because I think she's the cutest one for sure...

Buttons - she loves buttons. Unfortunately, she has figured out how to press the buttons on the DirectTV receiver. Such a blessing - we all love watching the screen go from programming - to black - to programming - to black. So entertaining.
....I know it's blurred but please try to make out the programs recorded on our DVR. I believe that says WWE Monday Night Raw & NBA Hardwood Classics.

You would think the WWE would be for Ellie's teenage uncle, but oh no, it is actually for Ellie's Granny Linda. She is living with us now while she builds her apartment in our back yard. We try to keep enough John Cena on there to keep her occupied for the whole week. 
And the NBA classics? That is actually for Ellie's viewing. She is so happy that the lock out has ended, buttttt she's a little impatient because the first game isn't until Christmas. These classics hold her over until then.
((This is our life, people.))

Are you wondering what Turrget is? Judging by this picture, you should know now. It's our nickname for Target. Duh! If you know me, you know I love Target. I can't go into that place without coming out with a cartful.
Target is like Wal*Mart in a sense, but people are happier there. It's like everyone is on Xanax or something. I wish we could just live there. We love Turrget.

Beans just observing the merch.

I'll leave you with this little beauty. LOOK AT THAT FACE!
Hope everyone has a great week!

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