Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ellie’s 1st Baseball Game

Ellie attended her Uncle Jesse’s first baseball game recently :)

CIMG7076 She looked pretty stylin’ if you ask me . . . .

CIMG7072 Onesie complete with wings . . . . a gift from – you guessed it – Auntie Claire!

Here’s a picture of him batting . . . . but Jesse pitched that night and did AMAZING!

CIMG7075She was so intrigued!

CIMG7077  Ellie met Mama Yaya for the first time . . . a town legend, Leatha Hicks.
Leatha’s house burnt down the following weekend. She has been in our prayers ever since. We love Leatha so much. Driving home on Hwy 89 won’t be the same until she is back on a porch, waving at drivers as they go by.

CIMG7078   CIMG7080
Papa held Kobe throughout the game!

CIMG7086 It got cold . . . can you say wardrobe change?

CIMG7089 Jesse’s team won 12-0 (or something like that!) Good game Uncle Jess! We love you!

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