Sunday, May 29, 2011

5 Months

Dear Luella Claire,

Each day that you grow older, you amaze me more and more. You are getting cuter and cuter as time goes by. Your personality is budding – and cracking everyone around you up, I might add.


You love to scream (happily), giggle, laugh, and make other sounds with your mouth. You have chuckled a little bit before, but this month was the first time you have ever really let loose and crack up. We were at Granny Linda’s and your Daddy came in with Kobe. You could not take your eyes off of him and you were screaming as loud as you could and cackling uncontrollably. You were going crazy for about a good fifteen minutes! Luckily, we got it on video. :)

You still love your bath time. You get so ecstatic as soon as you hit the water. You just splash and splash. These days, if you get wetter than your Momma while you’re in the tub, it is a successful scrub session.


You’re so photogenic. I swear you know exactly what the camera is, and you know that you are supposed to ham it up in front of it. You know that your readers and fans LOVE Ellie pictures. ;)


You have ate real food for the first time this month. You tried some of Papa’s mashed potatoes . . . and let me tell you, you LOVED them. I couldn’t get you to stop, you kept darting at the spoon! I love it when you smack the food in your mouth – attempting to “chew” it up. It was kind of a relief, actually. I have been trying to feed you baby food for so long. You always just spit it right out . . . I was beginning to think that you didn’t know how to handle the spoon in your mouth. But now I know, you just hated what was on the spoon; because you had no problem at all eating the mashed taters’.


You went to your first baseball game this month. We had so much fun! Can’t wait to go to the many to come this summer . . . . Hopefully we can go to a Cardinals game, too sometime! The weather is getting warmer and you love it, because you like to go barefoot. You sure don’t like wearing socks – which is fine with me when it’s warm enough . . . but I worry about your little piggies getting cold! It’s pretty good timing, too – because you’re getting pretty good at pulling your socks off!


I love you Ellie Beans. Looking forward to our first summer together. :)

Your Momma

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