Sunday, May 1, 2011

4 Months


Little Lu,

I’m sorry your letter is a bit late, things have been hectic this month and so busy – I wish I would have made time to post it earlier, but nevertheless, it is here.

You, yourself have had quite the busy month. You got sick again, and gave us quite the scare! We took you to the hospital to have some x-rays done on your chest to make sure that you didn’t have pneumonia. Well, you didn’t have pneumonia but they were concerned by the size of your heart shown in the x-ray. They followed up with an EKG and echo test. Mommy and Daddy were so worried. I personally have never been so scared in my life. Talk about STRESS! After the tests, we went home to wait for the results the next day. I knew I had a sleepless night ahead of me, but thankfully, your doctor (a.k.a. the sweetest lady ever) called me that evening to say the results came back okay and the original x-ray was just a fluke. Shewww!


You’re eating food (cereal and baby food) pretty frequently now. You are not a fan, either. You gag frequently and repeatedly spit the stuff out. After about fifteen minutes you become completely fed up with Momma and start throwing a screaming fit; this is usually where I give in and pop the bottle in your mouth. Speaking of bottle, I cannot keep up with your appetite. You eat and eat and eat, and since all I do is pump, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep milk in the fridge/freezer. I have tried switching to formula and mixing it with your milk – but you’re too smart for that. You throw the BIGGEST fit ever. Almost worst than when you get a shot. It’s a total freak out. I guess I would, too if I had to drink that nasty stuff.


I can’t imagine that some day you would want to know what I’m about to tell you, but I’m going to tell you anyway since it made such an impact on our lives this month. You became extremely constipated. It was BAD. We figured it was due to a few pain pills I took after I had a root canal. The longest you went was five days. Talk about worried. Your Poppy called me everyday to see if you had “gone” yet. We couldn’t get you to drink apple juice, either. After days of trying, you finally took some majorly diluted apple juice, and it wasn’t long before the problem was solved. You felt much better. Now you have at least one bottle of diluted apple juice a day. :)

You are playing more and more each day; really gaining control of your hands. Your little arms and legs are constantly moving so quickly. You’re jabbering all the time, too. It’s almost like you’re trying to talk to us. Another thing you have picked up is sticking out your tongue. It really cracks me up because there’s rarely a moment in the day where it is actually in your mouth! You’re just too cute.

CIMG6937 I love you so, so much, Luella Claire. You bring so much joy to each and every day for me.

Love Always,
Your Momma

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