Tuesday, February 1, 2011

He’s Wrapped

Jimmy came home early from work today because of the Snowpocalypse – seriously the amount of snow we are getting is ridiculous! He left work at 2:00 this afternoon and finally made it home around 5:00. A 25 minute drive took three hours . . . craziness . . . After he took his shower he was quick to grab his princess. She was in her plain onesie because it was bath time. I had to take pictures of them in their matching white. They’re too precious together.


She sure loves her Daddy. She hears his voice and starts kicking her legs and smiling.

He talks to her as if she were an adult (but in a high-pitched, sweet voice of course) . . . and she talks back as if she were one, too. :)


Wrapped. Around. Her. Tiny. Little. Finger.

DSCN2148 She wears her Daddy out.
(notice the IDENTICAL nose. she didn’t get that from her momma!)

Tomorrow will be interesting. Jimmy and I will both be home from work spending the day with our princess. We’re both looking forward to it already. I wonder what the day has in store . . . maybe some baking, or a photo shoot of Lu in one of her many tutus? Possibly some deep cleaning. One thing is for sure, I’m sure we will both make plenty of time for cuddling and loving on our little birdy.

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