Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This past Sunday, Ellie “watched” her first Superbowl at Uncle Aaron’s house. She had a great night and didn’t have to go home in a sour mood because the Packers won, which is who she was rooting for. ;) There was a lot of great food . . . always the best part about Superbowl. Dane good a good job baking cookies and making some great dip. As you can see in the picture below, everyone, especially Sanders, enjoyed their “Superbowl-cinnamon-rolls.” I just wish my camera would have taken some better pictures . . . . these just aren’t the greatest. Next year they’ll be better.

2011 Superbowl Crew

Aaron Vandegriff (who finds it necessary to brush his shoulder off – he thinks he does work), Shane Jarvis (holding Miss Ellie herself), Drew Lansford (and no that’s not his lovable pup Sphinx, but our little dog KOBE), Chris Sellers, Big Ben Roethles - - - errr, I mean Dane Thompson, Daddy of the Year Jimmy Moody (looking like a baby boy), Seth Sanders - showing off his Superbowl-cinnamon-roll, and last but not least Nathan Keller (tipping his hat to all you blog readers.) Not pictured: Tyler Campbell, Chris’s girlfriend Ashley Valley, and yours truly!
A little better – but a few light spots. Darn.
I guess I thought something was funny – Jimmy disagreed apparently. Ellie got a little bored of the game and took a nap on Daddy’s lap. :)
Not the best picture, but loving this outfit! Another gift from, you guessed it, Auntie Claire. We LOVE Gymboree.

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