Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Sick, but Happy Weekend.

I work every weekday, but Jimmy gets a few days off here and there – giving him the joy of getting to stay home with Ellie a lot. On days that he isn’t off, she stays with Becki Duncan. Ellie is lucky to have so many people in her life that LOVE spending the days with her. I’ve always loved weekends, but now it is for a different reason. Weekends are the time where I get to spend every minute of the day with her. It’s the best. Ellie thinks so, too . . . .

But this weekend, Ellie has been sick. She’s had a runny nose all week, but after Thursday night, she began to develop a bad cough. Her congestion continued to get worse and worse, so Saturday morning I called the Health Hotline for Capital Region. After listing her symptoms and the nurse on the line heard Ellie coughing in the background, she advised me to bring her in and get her checked out.


DSCN2392 They monitored her heart rate, and watched over her for an hour or so. Ultimately, they ended up sending us home without medicine. :( They told us to bring her back if she stopped eating completely or if she wasn’t wetting her diapers. Fantastic. Now I have a sick little baby – coughing up a lung every few minutes . . . . and getting so mad at her momma every hour when I put saline drops in her nose and suck out the gook with a bulb syringe – as instructed by those mean old doctors. And they wouldn’t give her anything to make her feel better.

It really breaks my heart because she’s in a fairly good mood sometimes throughout the day – she smiles and coo’s. But the coo’s are raspy little ones, and usually the smiles are followed by some soft moans.

This is what she thinks:

DSCN2388 I love weekends.

DSCN2384 Mommy and Daddy get lots of time to play with me.

DSCN2386 I just wish I wasn’t sick . . . DSCN2387Even though I sound awful and my nose is so runny, I give my Mommy and Daddy lots of smiles like these so they won’t have to worry too much.

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