Thursday, February 10, 2011

Summer Sunshine, Please HURRY!

Is it just me, or is everyone sick and tired of clearing the snow off their car EVERY MORNING? This winter weather is getting old . . . . I need sunshine! Speaking of sunshine, Jimmy and I picked out a few outfits for our little sunshine to wear this summer! I am so excited - and addicted to Gymboree. I check their website everyday to check for new lines! Thanks a lot, Clarice!

Here are a couple outfits on their way to Lu's house . . .

Just Beachy Seashell Top
Berry Cute Seahorse Fantasy
They were all out of the strawberry skirt online when I ordered, but luckily Ellie has connections at Gymbo and Clarice is picking it up for her. She can't wait for them to get here so she can try them on. Don't worry . . . I explained to her she can't wear them until it's nice and warm out. She didn't take it too well and now she is anxious for summer just like the rest of us! :)


claire said...

She is going to be one stylish baby!
Well actually she already is :)
Can't wait to spend the summer with you two!

Jordyn said...

We are SO looking forward to it!!! :) Lots of pool time and SHOPPING!

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