Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our Weekend

Ellie had a very busy weekend . . . The weather is much nicer so we have been able to get out a bit more. :)


DSCN2222 Robin came to visit . . .

DSCN2223 Ellie was glad to see her . . .

DSCN2226 She LOVED the bright colors Mollie wore to dance in.


DSCN2232 She’s the only baby who LOVES diaper changes.

DSCN2237 She told Robin about her busy week.

DSCN2241 Saturday we went to four, yes four, basketball games. First, we went to Lexi’s game, then went to watch Daddy referee at the high school at a 4th grade boys/girls tournament, then we went to Jasmine’s ball game. Ellie took lots of notes. :)

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