Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a whole lot of beans.

it's about to get all KINDS of random in this place. i have lots of pictures you all need to see, so sit back and enjoy the show.

someone had her first ring pop.
eating it outside was a must - as was lulu being topless.

ohhh, among other firsts, ellie also started wearing a baltic amber teething necklace. please read about them here before you tell me it is not a good idea to put a necklace on a toddler. although most of my mom friends that use these for their children choose not to, we take ellie's off before bedtime.

here's a good idea .... teach your kiddo how to make a whip sound --- you know, "wah-pshhh!" --- and give them a belt. HILARIOUS. beanie only hit herself in the head a few times. well worth it, she thinks. ;)


we spent a lot of time going to uncle jesse's baseball games this spring. granny was riled up at this one if you can't tell. 

so mischevious

she coaches in her spare time.

justa lil bit of bedhead. it's healthy.

she climbs on EVERYTHING. such a glorious thing . . . not.

oh yeah, she wants a fish. so do i. but i don't want to clean a tank. ick.
hey you! thinking about buying her one for her 2nd birthday....please don't! yes, i'm talking to YOU! :D

struttin in her new suit from auntie claire.

eat rocks...

lovin' on nana at one of uncle jesse's games. 

my new favorite picture of my mom and dad. i really wish ellie didn't have cookies on her face.

my kid is the most animated child you will ever meet!

how can i discipline this child with that face?! suggestions?

out to eat on a friday night :) 

ok now this is just mean. i bought a jogging stroller. ellie is sooo a fan of strollers, but with this one, everytime i take off running, she covers her eyes!!! my driving scares her! such a sight for drivers who pass by us, I'm sure.

riding in laundry baskets is so fun. especially with auntie claire pushing and foofa enjoying the ride, too. 


until next time, players!


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

oh my goodness. these pictures are making me miss my baby nephew so bad. she is adorable. the ones of her in the laundry baskets ... ahh. love.

Mark84 said...

I've bought a great multi-colour amber teething necklase from about a month ago for my little girl. After only a couple of days wearing it she started sleeping better and she also looked visibly more relaxed and calm. Didn't think this necklase would work, but I was wrong. Also it looks very nice :)
Best wishes,

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