Monday, May 7, 2012

More catch up. (not ketchup)

well, we are finally settled into our new place. we love it so much - especially lu. she is always running back to her room to play. we can tell she really enjoys having her own space. ;)

it took awhile for us to haul our table into our kitchen. we ate dinner like this a few nights. ellie didn't seem to mind . . .

see? she loves her new home!

i ordered these stand outs for our living room. sara mcdaniel (highly recommended!!!) took them last july when ellie was 6 months old. i adore them.

the only bad thing about leaving nana's house is that none of ellie's things are there anymore.
above is exhibit a: no more highchair at nana's.
have no fear: lu's momma is crafty. i tied her to a bar stool with a belt. 
while it worked this time ^, i do not recommend doing this to your child. the second time we tried this, ellie kicked off of the table and flipped the bar stool - biting her tongue on the fall down. i cried more than she did - bad mom award. :( 

we went to watch some of ellie's "uncles" play at the alumni games a few (several) weeks ago...

we didn't get to stay to watch the championship because someone got fussy...
she was better after auntie amby calmed her down - but still needed a nap.
i love this picture of them! but it definitely makes me sad because obviously ellz isn't a baby anymore... she's getting so big and i don't tend to realize it until someone cradles her.

she was so mad when i told her we weren't staying.

i sent this to jim the other saturday while he was working. 

someone loves brushing her teeth. (thank you, jesus!)
i usually brush them for the first minute or so, then she gets to take over and suck on the toothpaste strawberry banana toothpaste brush them like a big girl.

we went to visit Mary, Carly, and Claire a few weeks ago. ellie loved playing with all of their toys. i wish i would have snapped more pictures of the girls playing together! so cute! :) 

jimmy took ellie to the park one day while i was working. he sent me this picture.
another reason why we <3 living in town! we are so close to the park! 

Just a note: all of these pictures are taken from my cell phone. i know they aren't the best quality, but when you have a toddler running around, you don't necessarily have all the time necessary to tote around a good camera. it is much easier to just use my phone. :) 

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