Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Easter '12

we had such a great Easter! it was so fun to wake Ellie up and take her to her basket. she is really starting to understand the concept of getting gifts, which is so fun to watch! she was so surprised by her Easter basket!

looking back, I may have gone a little overboard. I kept buying things and slowly adding them to a pile in my closet. when it came to be time to pack the basket, there was barely any room left! whoops...

she was all like, "umm, mom, can I touch this stuff?"

i will forever treasure these pictures simply because of her bedhead.

her favorites were her new toms and her ducky!

we went to grandma betty's and ellie had to explore her little salon :) 

she is definitely in need of a haircut, grandma!

i loved watching her search for eggs....soo cute.

some (not all) of the Vogt Grandkiddos

searching for eggs with Daddy (who also needs a haircut, Grandma Betty!)

auntie claire got a visit from beans :)

we are one lucky group.

all in all, it was a busy Sunday, but a great Sunday. as usual, i wish i would have taken more pictures, but ellie gets so sick of having a camera in her face.

just kidding, my phone died. ;) 
hope everyone had a great Easter!

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Jacy said...

She is so precious!! Love her looking at her Easter basket :)


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