Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"let's go for a walk"

....this is one phrase jimmy is getting so tired of hearing. remember when i told you guys how much we love living in town? so many possibilities for evening activities. i feel like i have the world at my fingertips ... or at least the park anyway. we walked there last night. beanie LOVES walks, like, adores them. if i say "you want to get your stroller and go on a walk?" she runs to find her shoes. it's the cutest thing ever.

ellie sits up so tall and rests her arms on the front of the stroller. she looks like such a big girl and it kind of makes me a little sad to see how big she is getting. she always turns around and smiles at her dad and me.

the swings are her favorite. they make her laugh and laugh . . . 

she really likes this tunnel, too. jim stands on one side, and i sit on the other . . . she crawls back and forth to each edge. she gets so excited! it's like a never ending game of peekaboo!

oh and who could forget the slides? these are a debate with me and jimmy. he hates to let her go down alone. he thinks she is going to suicide dive right off the side or something. the thing is seriously like 5 feet long from him dropping her down - to me down at the bottom. seriously, i don't think she's going anywhere....
and she smiles so much bigger when we let her go down alone without holding onto her. :)

jimmy always complains when i say "let's go for a walk," but i have found when we go to the park . . . and he sees the joy on beanie's face, he just just can't say no and he complains a little less. 
obviously, it starts so early. she has him wrapped. 

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