Wednesday, May 30, 2012

memorial day weekend '12

hope everyone had a great weekend . . . we sure did. i got a little sunburn and ellie is lookin' pretty good with her sunkissed tan.....

i told her thursday night what was in store for her weekend
.....and she was all....

"yeeee, mom!"

i went and bought some new towels for our weekend in the water.
just in case you don't know, ellie's nana has a serious problem with using bleach. she uses way too much. when i was young, i never had the joy of using bright beach towels because *someone* thought they could only be truly cleaned if they were soaked in a half a gallon of bleach each wash.
soooo, i vowed to never rob by child of this bliss. bright beach towels are the best part of summer. ;) 

she likes them.

on saturday, we went to our friends, sarah and anthony reams' baby reveal...and found out they are having a GIRL! we are so excited - especially ellie. she can't wait to meet her new bff. 
^^ sorry about the front facing camera blurry iphone pic. it's still cute.

the expecting couple.
anthony was mouthing me to hurry and take the picture - so his eyes are closed.
serves him right ;) 

ellie and i in our coordinating pink - - - can you tell we were hoping for a girl?

we came home to test out this kiddy pool grandma glenda gave to ellie for christmas.
obviously a hit....

someone's been watching her momma do workout videos! (like once a month)

this is becoming a regular sight. ellie and her dad love to reenact the scene from dirty dancing . . . with the lift - you all know what i'm talking about. 

sunday we woke up early and went swimming at the maples' pool. we missed auntie claire the whole time. 

haha look at her! mollie if you take a picture, i swear i will beat you.
((((i dont know why my nose looks so huge here - oh, hey maybe because it is. :-/ ))))


she was tuckered afterward....

on monday she stayed with her nana and granny while i went floating on the good ol' gasconade.

it was decided that she is only allowed to wear dresses from now on . . . . since she wears them SO well.

we hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as we did :)


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

you two look good in pink! oh so cute.

Melissa88Senick said...

Oh my goodness your little one is so beautiful. How old is she?? I hope you guys have an awesome and safe weekend.

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