Friday, March 2, 2012

pool party.

A couple weeks ago, Ellie went to her first indoor pool party for her cousin Lydia's fourth birthday. I took some pretty cute pics with my phone, but am kicking myself for not taking any of Ellie with the birthday girl!

I was glad Lydia wanted a pool party in February. I don't think this suit would have fit this summer! I'm happy she got to wear it - it's definitely one of my favorites!
LuLu seemed to like the birthday hats!

She was perfectly content with just watching the other kiddos play!

Ellie was so excited about the water when she saw it at first . . . it was like a giant bath tub to her! ( I just know that's what she was thinking. ) We took it slow and had her sit on the steps at first . . . 

She really wasn't sure about it. 

Uncle Jesse got in with her. This picture does not do her little attitude justice. She threw a HUGE fit about 2 seconds after I snapped it. She wanted OUT. 

Grace is so good with Ellie. It's weird because I remember Grace being a little thing like Lu is now. She kept following Grace around, wanting to give her kisses. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen! 

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