Monday, March 12, 2012

my little sickling.

Not this past weekend, but the weekend before, Ellie Beans woke up looking like this......

pooooooor baby
it took me twenty minutes just to get her eyes to open. she didn't want anyone but her Momma, and she was extremely clingy.

we went to the doctor and waited for oh, let's just say more than a couple hours. :( urgent care was apparently the place to be that Sunday morning because the waiting room was bumpin'.

we were there so long, that Ellie ran out of her apple juice and had to drink some diluted grape juice. She wasn't crazy about it. 

The only good thing was how much she loved to cuddle with me...

luckily, the doctor gave her some antibiotic and she was already feeling better by that night. she was back to playing and exploring in no time. . . . and was really trying to figure this chair out. 

Having a sick kiddo is the worst, and this winter has been so rough on us. SOOO ready for summer around here! 

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