Monday, March 12, 2012

dress shoppin.

Ellie and I recently had the honor of giving our opinions on prom dresses to Taylor Paige. We went down to Lebanon on a Saturday and spent the day with Taylor and her Momma, watching her try on gorgeous dresses! Ellie had a great time and Taylor found her perfect dress.

she was drawn to the green for some reason. ellie, that is, not so much Taylor! ;)

snoozin' on the commute...

it took her like .2 seconds to find the mirrors. she loves giving herself kisses.
excuse her comb over. the kid is rocking some crazy hair lately.

we found out that Taylor is AMAZING at those claw machine games. She won two prizes for Ellie without any struggle at all. It is decided that one day, she will be a crane operator. 

It was SUCH a good day, but it made me feel so old!! I remember when Taylor was Ellie's size! It just puts things into perspective for me. Ellie will be prom dress shopping for her first prom before I know it. Time flies by way too fast.

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AhoyNative said...

Oh Ellie looks so adorable! I bet dress shopping was fun!

I love your new banner! It looks great! :)


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