Thursday, March 29, 2012

catch up (not ketchup)

Sorry I haven't blogged in FOREVER. We've been busy little bees!!! Here's a little catch up post for you :) (not ketchup - ellie beans hates ketchup!)

Beanies and I traveled to Washington a couple weeks ago for her cousin Elana's second birthday.

Then we headed on to St. Louis from there to Emma's second birthday :) 

Lu's sweet Gymbo boots FINALLY fit. 

We got over that sickness a couple weeks ago - then she got sick again along with her Momma. We were both so puny! I was supposed to go to the Indiana Pacers vs LA Clippers with Lu's Daddy and Uncle Jesse, but duty called and I had to stay home with my sick girl. You know she's sick if she falls asleep in her high chair!

Lulu's Papa took my place. The boys had fun visiting the Reams' and LOVED sitting 15 rows behind the Clippers!

Meanwhile, Lulu finally started to feel better.

But only AFTER we went to the doctor and got some drugs!

She's finally healthy (knock on wood) and enjoying this Spring weather!

She's so graceful - just like her Momma. ;)

We enjoyed March Madness for awhile . . . until Mizzou tanked and everyone's brackets were trashed :(

We're finally pulling out some CUTE Spring clothes :)

this skirt just melts my <3

Lulu is still into everything. Loves sneaking into showers!

We moved into a new place. We love it. We're having fun decorating :)

Lulu's favorite thing is getting into the dishwasher. She always tries to help me!
We got some pretty new Fiestaware for our place!

Lu's new closet is preciously packed. This was before I got everything in there. There isn't even room for a tank top now!

We're absolutely loving living in town. Lots of walks and trips to the park :)

She had to get up early this week - wasn't a fan.

....but she was a fan of this hat for about 2 minutes. I wish she would keep stuff on her head :( maybe one day!

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