Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I want to be a crafty Mom . . . .

Looking back on my elementary years, I remember our classroom holiday parties like it was yesterday. The anticipation I felt when going to bed the night before because I knew what the next day had in store. I had some GREAT teachers, but a lot of the thanks goes to the awesome “Room-Moms” that planned our parties through the years. Thanksgiving feasts fit for a King, individually wrapped presents at Christmas, dry ice in a “witch’s cauldron” at Halloween - - - - they went ALL OUT. I only remember my mom coming to a few of these – and not that she was anything short of THE BEST MOM EVER, but I remember wishing she was one of those Moms that was able to come to all of the class parties.

I hope I can be crafty and have the opportunity to take part in Ellie’s parties when she gets to school. For now, I can practice making creative stuff by doing things for my work at out office parties each month. Here are a few pictures of some stuff we had at our March office party.

CIMG6689 I made these rainbow cupcakes (as in pot of gold at the end of the rainbow) I put little flags end them that had sayings about rainbows. They turned out so cute. I’m sure my co-workers appreciated the 2+ hours that went into making these. :S Practice makes perfect. I’ll be a pro at this stuff when Lu’s in school.

CIMG6686 Green smoothies for breakfast – made by Rachel Mistler. :)


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