Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fancy Family

Here are more pictures from our awesome weekend. I love them – I think they make our family look pretty spiffy. Even Jimmy cleans up nicely. ;)

CIMG6784 She is one happy baby!

CIMG6743 Her Daddy is so proud of her. He smiles so much when she is in his presence.

CIMG6745 This picture really shows how Ellie keeps her eyes on me. She does the same thing with her Dad. If one of us is in the room, she’s always staring.



CIMG6774 Ahh look at those eyes. I love them so much.



CIMG6788Jimmy can really get Ellie going. He’ll ask her to “tell some stories” and she gets so excited.

CIMG6785 She makes us both so happy.

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