Friday, April 8, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Visit

This past Sunday, Ellie, Poppy, Uncle Jesse, and I went on a very special visit to Mr. and Mrs. Walton. The Walton’s were our neighbors for years when we lived in town. They are the sweetest couple you will ever meet. All the kids in our town know Mr. Walton as the guy who hands out “the good candy” (full-sized candy bars!) at Halloween. They are simply good people. Not just because of the candy either!

When Uncle Jesse was in Kindergarten, he rode the bus home everyday with Mollie and me. Well, he was a slow walker (we had to walk about a 1/4 mile down our road once we got off the bus) so Mollie and I always got into the house before him. Jesse brought the mail in everyday – he was bound and determined that it was his job to do so. One day, Mom was outside and Mr. Walton came over to visit. He let Mom know that every single day, Jesse would walk up to his porch and ring the doorbell to ask him to do him a favor. Don would then walk over to our driveway, open the mailbox for Jesse and get the mail – just because Jesse couldn’t reach it on his own. Jesse was standing right there while Don was telling Mom this and she started to jump him . . . “Jesse Kent, you shouldn’t be bother-“ Mr. Walton cut her off and said that he LOVED it. He enjoyed grabbing the mail for Jesse because Jesse would tell him ALL ABOUT his day. I can only imagine the stories he heard and was able to relay them to Joyce. I bet they had several laughs . . . . Like I said, GREAT PEOPLE!

Don and Joyce had 6, yes, SIX, kids. I know how much they enjoyed us when we were younger, so I wanted them to meet Ellie as well.


CIMG6728 Obviously, Ellie enjoyed herself quite a bit!


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