Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Baby Girl’s Room

Jimmy and I worked so hard to make the perfect room for Lu. Before we painted it a neutral tan color, the walls were royal blue! It took a lot to cover up, but with the help from Grandpa Denny, he and Jimmy did a great job. I painted the trim and ugly orange fireplace white – which I love! Mom bought Ellie’s bedding and gave it to me at the shower. I picked it out months before, but didn’t expect for it to be so perfect. I fell in love with it! As you can see, we finally got our crib, which I think looks really good! Overall, I am proud of Ellie’s room and I think that when she is old enough to form her own opinion, she will love it, too! :)


Kobe loves to spend time in his sister’s room!

Ellie’s crib and bedding. I really like the birds. It’s funny that we bought so many things with birds on them – because right after Ellie was born at the hospital, she kept making the funniest faces and opening her mouth. Mom started to call her “Bird” because she said she reminded her so much of a little bird. The nickname has stuck since then. :)
Notice that Ellie’s Scentsy Buddy, Lenny the Lamb came in - - isn’t he cute?!


Ellie’s changing table. I can’t wait for her to be big enough to use her Jenny Jumper. When Mollie, Jesse and I were babies, we loved ours! Ellie’s was a gift from Grandma Ronda and Grandpa Rodney. Ignore the tag on the rug in this picture and the next – I really need to cut those off!


Ellie’s armoire – which is PACKED with the cutest outfits! :) Granny Linda bought her the Diaper Genie – which Jimmy and I are so thankful for. It is definitely a must-have!


Kobe wasn’t sure about his little sister at first, but now he has grown to be very protective of her. When visitors come, he is the first one to check them out and make sure its okay for them to hold his baby sister, Ellie. ;)

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