Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lovely to Meet You!

It is so fun to show Ellie off to all of our friends and family. I love seeing them smile while they hold her. She has brought so much joy to all of our lives already! Here are a few shots of some visits. “Auntie Claire” has made several trips to see Ellie – all the way from Columbia! Each time she comes over, she bears gifts – some of the CUTEST outfits from Gymboree. Ellie will definitely be the best dressed baby around! :)


Claire and Ellie


Grandpa George – Jimmy’s Dad


Aunt Tiffany – Jimmy’s Sister


Mollie and her boyfriend Jesse. He came over to visit Ellie one evening – she was the first baby he has ever held!


Ellie loves her “Auntie Claire!”

Aunt Rita brought Randis and Rance to see their little cousin, Ellie at the hospital


Grandma Ronda and her first great-grandchild

Uncle Jesse and his first niece!

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