Tuesday, December 11, 2012

happy holidays, kids! please vote for us!

first of all, i should probably apologize for not posting since LAST MAY. i know, i know - what the heck?! no worries, i am about to start a new blog (yeeeee!) and i will be sure to let you guys know when i do.... so you can be caught up on the exciting lives of lu&jordyn.
i know you're dying to hear.
anywayyy, more on that later!

there is a greater purpose for this post. this is a story, all about how my life got flipp---- jussssst kidding. ;) 
geeze, can you tell i've missed babbling on the blog a little bit? stay tuned.
(((ps: dad, it's a reference to the fresh prince of bel-air.)))

 if you don't already know, Sara McDaniel ------> a local photographer/momma/pto volunteer/celebrity/legend -----> you get the picture, 
is the most [earmuffs, children.] badass lady ever -  on top of being so very talented.
out of the sheer kindness of her heart, she is having a fan photo contest for her boomin' photography business.
each fan willing to participate was instructed take a picture with her Facebook Fan Page showing in the picture. 

being a HUGE fan and supporter of beloved photography by slm, (sara has taken ellie's pictures four times since she was born. four times!) ellie and I decided we would enter. so, after her bath (she thought she should be fresh), we set up some props, or "pops", for the pic.

let me just tell you. this could not have gone any better. i don't know why i was surprised, though. my kid is a total pleaser the second the camera comes out.
she's all about preserving memories, players. takes after her momma on that one, fo' sho. 

here is the pic we decided to enter:

this was taken with my cell phone.
obviousssslyyyy, we need a profesh' up in here.
BUT OMG will you look at that face?! seriously..... i don't even....
sometimes she's just too much for my heart to handle.

sooo, what we are getting to here is.... will you please consider casting a vote for us to win this contest? 

All you have to do is go to the blog post Sara has dedicated to the contest and post a comment saying who you want to win...
You can do that by clicking HERE. (this is step one)

step two:  scroll to the bottom of the page and click "add comment"

step three: type your comment in the box. it just has to contain something along the lines of "i would like to vote for jordyn wilson and ellie" ------- just make sure you include my first and last name.

step four: click the "Comment As" scroll menu and choose "Name/URL"
a little box will come up. enter your name in the provided box.
you don't have to enter anything in the URL box.
click continue

step five: click PUBLISH

yayyyyyy! you did it!!! thank you so, so much! 
we really appreciate it!  ;)

just a note: it has come to my attention that there is no limit on voting....so you can vote as many times as you want. we got in the game a little late compared to some others, so we are wayyy behind.
there are plenty of awesome entries for the contest:  a newly engaged couple - so very young and in love, a sweet bhs senior, mrs. claus herself, and a few cute kiddos! you should probably go to Sara's facebook fan page and decide who YOU want to vote for.  all applicants are super deserving, no doubt. :)

shout out to sara mcdaniel for such a cool contest.
she's the best, you guys. i definitely recommend you let her take your pictures. any of them. like, yesterday. 
check her out...
and vote for beanie --- at least once! ;)

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