Thursday, January 5, 2012

Embrace the camera.

I guess I looked like I was needing a kiss.

If it weren't for Emily Anderson and her blog, The Anderson Crew, I would never have kept this picture. I'm not fond of pictures of myself - even if Ellie is in them. BUT, Emily's blog has made me realize just how important it is to keep these pictures for the sake of memory. Looking back, I don't have any pictures of my Mom and I from my childhood; because she, like many, does not like being in front of the camera. I wish had lots of those precious memories documented, which is the reason why I will document them for Ellie. 
(even though I'm in my jammies, and my hair is a wreck - - - who CARES! Ellie will adore this picture one day, I'm sure. Hopefully she won't mind that it's a blurry cell phone picture. The girl moves QUICK.)

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