Thursday, January 5, 2012

Because you've been wondering what's been going on at our house..

Here's a bunch of pictures that don't really have much of a story to do an entire blog post on, but are too good not to post.

Ellie loving on her Bitty Baby from the Honse's. She LOVES IT!

Just chillin' in Mom's bed. 

I binded her first birthday cards together with some pretty ribbon! That way, they won't be in a messy pile in her memory chest - but in a cute, organized little booklet!

Just face-timing with Elmo. No big deal....

A little package Ellie and I put together for her Auntie Claire!! Magnets of Ellie, some hand sanitizer, and Claire's favorite Scentsy scent! :)

Is this not adorable?! Ellie's Aunt Toni, Uncle John, and cousins Tori and Addison got this for Ellie for Christmas. I didn't even know they made Under Armor this small! SOO cute! She is wearing it tonight to her Uncle Jesse's basketball game. I'm sure she will be a little show-stopper in this.

So sassy!

Playing with Christmas beads. And yes, her Papa was freaking out during this little play session. "She's going to choke!" - - - not like I wasn't sitting there next to her, on guard! Just call me Super Mom - seriously!

Yes. My daughter does the Stanky leg!
I hope you choose to ignore the tons of toys and dogs running around in this picture. Our house is chaos - we've learned to deal with it.

And I'll leave you with this little nugget. Funniest/cutest picture ever? It is in my book. 


AhoyNative said...

Oh she's so adorable!

erin f. said...

That booty picture is too much! So adorable.

Yes, I am a huge sucker for Target clothes. I always feel like I'm being so thrifty shopping there, but I end up spending wayyy to much.

Kendra said...

What a little darling! Love that last photo :) Squishy baby bums are the best!

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