Thursday, November 17, 2011

Precious Moments

Okay, I'm not just trying to be a good Scentsy consultant and make a sale by saying that Ellie LOVES her Scentsy Buddy. I bought her Lenny the Lamb just before she was born, with the newborn nursery scent pack. Let me tell you, since she was old enough to care, Lenny became her favorite. He is so soft, and she loves to squeeze him tight! It is starting to seem as if she can't fall asleep without him!

Her pouty little lips are becoming my favorite feature.

There is nothing more precious than a sleeping baby.


WhitBoff said...

Ohhhhh!! I love her!!! I think we need a Lenny. I may or may not have a slight scentsy obsession.

Jordyn said...

Every baby needs a Lenny! He is really SOOO soft! I will admit, I'm addicted to Scentsy, too! That's why I started to sell it!! :)

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