Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jasmine!

Yesterday, we celebrated Jimmy's niece's birthday and went out to eat at the Mexican restaurant. Jasmine turned eleven and was showered with some awesome gifts!

(the lighting was kind of poor and I was using my cell phone, so the pictures aren't the greatest quality...sorry, guys!)

Ellie was in a somber mood because she fell asleep on the way to the party. She got about a fifteen minute nap in, then we had to wake her. Towards the end of the evening, she started to liven up.

Trying to get a good picture of both of these two was difficult. 

I loved Kerrigan's pigtails!

Kerrigan kept saying, "Don't touch, baby Ellie!" :) 

I'd say this one is the best of them both. Aren't they cute?!

This makes me realize how fast they grow! This picture was taken in August by Jimmy's sister, Tiffany. It almost makes me a little sad how fast time flies!

Jimmy's Aunt Monica took some funny pictures of Ellie and her Uncle Mark. She was quite smitten with him - she would rest her head on his shoulder and was very content. When someone would try to take her, she'd hold on tight! 

So sweet.

Then all of a sudden, she hits! So mean. She really is a Sour Patch Kid!

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