Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I made Ellie wear shoes for the first time last night. We have tried them before, and she threw a fit - she's like her Mom. I'm weird about my feet. I hate shoes...more importantly, I hate socks that don't fit right. I don't like the feeling of my toes being confined. Ellie's nana said that I was so difficult to get ready as a child; if my feet didn't feel "right," I wasn't going anywhere. I don't want Ellie to have a foot complex, so after 11 months, I think it's time to start rocking the cute shoes.

She wore these beauties. Aren't they fab? The Honse's gave these to me at my baby shower. I couldn't wait to put them on Ellie. I'm just glad they fit great and by some miracle, she didn't seem to mind them much. Maybe it was the sparkles or leopard print.... I don't know.

Ellie also got to meet one of my really good friends from high school, Ben Strode. Ben was home for Thanksgiving break. Ellie instantly took to him very well.

She was tired, so she put her head on his shoulder to try to go to sleep. She's such a good baby. I'm so thankful that she is so sweet to people and doesn't go into panic mode around new people! ...(yet)

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Tori said...

Oh my goodnesss, her face in that first picture is killing me! So adorable. I'm happy she liked the boots. <3

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