Monday, November 7, 2011

10 Months

Ellie Beans,

You are officially mobile now, which is pretty hard for me to wrap my head around. You crawl everywhere! I cannot keep you in one place for two seconds. Constantly, you are wanting to be down on the floor so you can go explore! The first thing you always go for is the dog food and water. You get going pretty quick, then you stop to turn around and see if I'm watching. If I get up to get you, you take off so quickly!

You're finally starting to pull up on things. I have a feeling you'll be walking in no time. You've started to use a sippy-cup from time to time - usually only at meals. I'm glad you're getting the hang of it. Strangers are starting to look at me funny when you throw your head back with force to take a swig from your bottle.

You are literally into everything. You love testing your boundaries!

You're still a tiny little thing. You can actually still wear 3-6 month clothes. For the most part, we dress you in 9-12, even though they're a little big.

I'd have to say your favorite thing to do is to give hugs. If someone is holding you, and they saw "Aww," you instantly give them a big hug. You're kind of mean, too. You like to hit people - which needs to stop. It's kind of embarrassing that I have to say "Awwwww" for you to be nice.

Your favorite show is still Yo Gabba Gabba. You go into a trance when it comes on. I think you'll like to dance one day, because you seem the most attentive when it's "dancey-dance time."

You are starting to eat so much better. You're not picky with table food; if I'm eating something, you'll eat it, too. Now you're eating baby food without the sad face if it comes from a squeezable pouch. The one problem I have with mealtime is that you LOVE throwing stuff on the floor. You'll learn one day that this is not okay (probably when you're old enough to understand discipline). ;)

Thank you for never letting me down by always smiling at me when I come through a door, holding your arms up so I'll hold you, and giving me those sweet hugs of yours. You make each day so much more pleasant.

Your Momma

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