Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I can't believe it is already time for Ellie's first Halloween! Seeing her in her costume really made me want to cry this weekend; she looked so grown up! I couldn't help but smile every time I would look at her because she looked so cute. It is so bittersweet to me!

This didn't turn out so great. Hopefully I get a better one this week!

Jimmy's Great-Grandma Irma has a Halloween party every year. The kids dress up and there is a hay ride. Unfortunately, Ellie was under the weather on Saturday. Her dad and I were worried about her being out in the cold that night, so we thought it be best to keep her home. I hate that she missed out on tradition, but luckily I think it paid off - her sniffles are much better today and were on Sunday, too!

On Sunday, I took Ellie to see her Aunt Anita. Anita takes Halloween very seriously - it is her favorite holiday and she goes all out! Ellie was all dressed up in her costume and looking pretty adorable.

This is Ellie's new cheesy grin. Can't say it doesn't crack me up and melt my heart at the same time!

She loved Anita's big pumpkins! This year, they weren't even as big as usual. Usually, they weigh about 400 pounds! One year, all of her pumpkins were stolen out of her yard. The thiefs must have went through a lot of trouble, because Aunt Anita is very precautionary about her beloved 'punkins.' She greases them up with vegetable oil so they're harder to take! Plus it makes them shiny and prettier :) The pumpkin that Ellie leaning on in the picture above isn't greased up, but look at the one in the background on the right - it's ready to take on sticky fingers. ;)

Decorations = everywhere!

Remember when I said Ellie isn't afraid of much? How many 10 month olds wouldn't be afraid of this stuff?! She got up close and personal and didn't bat an eye!

Just takin' a ride on the gargoyle. No big deal.
Thanks for having us Aunt Anita!

Tonight (and probably tomorrow) we will have lots more visiting to do! Happy Halloween everyone!

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