Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We tried out the age old experiment this weekend - putting you on the grass. You and I have played outside a lot this summer, but I never let you sit on the actual grass - you always sat on a blanket.

At first you were all like, What is going on here?

But then you decided you loved it. You laughed and smiled, and even squealed a little bit.

Look at you curling your freaky toes.

I'm glad we tried it out. I was secretly kind of hoping you'd be like most kids and freak out about the grass. We honestly have not found one thing that you are afraid of. Kind of scares me - I feel like there are a lot of emergency room trips in our future. It wouldn't be a surprise to me to hear you say these things someday:

"That wouldn't hurt."
"I can too do it!"
"But Uncle Jesse sits on the counters."
"Hey, Mom, watch THIS!"

Oh, Ellie. Please grow out of this and don't be a daredevil. Some hesitation in your life would be a GOOD thing! :)

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