Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Last night we went to Aunt Mollie's volleyball game. The tigers were seated 6th in districts, and played the 3rd seated team - who was actually the host of districts. Their crowd was big, but ours was bigger and LOUDER! The girls lost the first set, but tied it up by winning the second one. Tensions were high and the game was so exciting - especially when the girls won the third set!! SO EXCITING! :)

Auntie M, Taylor, and Beans before the game!

Patting Taylor's head! :) 

Giving Randis hugs and kisses!

I can't wait until Ellie is old enough to play sports - assuming she will want to play. My fingers are crossed! I get so into any game as it is, I can't imagine if I was watching Ellie Beans play! :)

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