Tuesday, October 4, 2011

8 Months

My Dearest Luella Claire,

You were so busy this month. (“This month” meaning 7 months – because this is incredibly late.) You’ve learned to say Momma, and you completely melted my heart. You’re finally sitting up without toppling over, which is like, the greatest thing ever. I’ll tell you what isn’t the greatest thing ever, though – you no longer fully cooperate with me when I try to put a bow in your hair. You’re constantly pulling them out. You have such a way about you . . . and when I say “a way,” I mean you always want to get your way. You’re very stubborn and hard-headed. I can tell already that the years to come are going to be kind of rough . . . but that’s okay. I’m loving that your personality is shining through more and more each day.






Gosh, words cannot even begin to explain how much I love ya, baby girl. You make my happy days happier and my bad days completely tolerable. Your Dad and I, and the rest of our families are so thankful to have you here. You are turning out to be everything we’ve dreamed you would – and more.

Love Always,
Your Momma

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