Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big Girl Pool

Last month, Nana had her high school reunion. It was actually her 21 year. Ellie and I went along to visit for awhile and let everyone meet Jeannie’s grandbaby. Several of her classmates couldn’t believe she was a Grandma Nana. The reunion was at the Belle Country Club, so that meant swimming in the “big pool” for Ellie. Uncle Jess was nice enough to get in with her so Momma didn’t have to. ;)

Jesse is such a good Uncle. There were several kids there for him to socialize with, but he opted to play with Ellie. :)

Lu wasn’t too sure about it at first, but she got comfortable really quick. She cracked everyone up how she just sort of laid back and relaxed in her floatee.

These pictures have really helped plea our case with Papa – showing him just how badly we need a “big girl pool.” Hopefully next summer. :)

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