Wednesday, August 10, 2011

7 Months

Dear Baby Girl,

I know this is posted late – you will be eight months next week! – but things have been so busy around here, as usual. It just seems more and more unreal the older you get. I cannot believe how quickly time passes. You are growing up so much, it actually makes me sad! Each day with you is becoming more interesting as you learn new things. I know that all parents think that their child is the brightest of the bunch, but I mean it when I say that you are one smart cookie! :)

You’ve had a first this month. You said the word, “Momma.” I cannot tell you how wonderful it made me feel. My heart melted in an instant. I had to fight back tears! Luckily, we were at Grandma Jett’s, so there were witnesses your first time. Even though you said “Momma,” your Dad was still pretty excited. It sure is something to hear your baby say their first word. It kind of put things into perspective for both of us; made us realize how quickly you are growing into a toddler. I know you’re not even a year old yet, but I still miss those days when you were a little bitty baby.

One of the things I love most about you is how easy it is to make you smile. All I really have to do is say, “Who’s that baby?!” and you instantly cheese it up for everyone. Even a big smile will get you going most of the time. It cracks me up so much how excited you get when someone gives you attention. You even start to shake!

You are kind of a problem child, too. We can’t get you to eat! We have tried every single kind of baby food – you won’t even tolerate it. There are kinds that I have thought smell pretty good, like the blueberry applesauce or the strawberry banana applesauce, so I gave them a try and thought they were pretty tasty! You completely disagree. The only “baby” food we have found that you like are the little Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts. We get them in peach flavor, strawberry, and three berry and you really enjoy them. We start off each morning with half a bag of those and bites of whatever Momma is eating. That’s the other thing – you love, love, love table food. If you see that Momma or Nana or Dad is eating something, you want a bite immediately. And about 90% of the time, you LOVE it and continue to munch. We found that you really like mashed potatoes. Of course, we can’t make those every night, so Nana bought some instant potatoes to see if you like them. You were too smart for that. You despised them! Feeding you is definitely a challenge. On days there is nothing in the house, we make the trip up to Grandma Ronda’s to see what is on her menu.

CIMG7363 You still love your bath time. I’d say it is your favorite part of the day. You really like your rubber ducks. You always grab the same one and chew on it. You’re trying to cut those bottom teeth. I’m beginning to think they will never come in. We battle the occasional fever, fussiness, chewing of the hand, and lots of slobbering. I can’t wait for this stage to be over with!

Oh, Ellie Beans, I really cannot imagine life without you. You are such a delight and bring so much happiness to all of our lives….especially your Momma’s and Dad’s. We love you so much and are enjoying every minute of watching you grow!

Your Momma

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