Friday, July 8, 2011

6 Months

Baby Girl,

I cannot believe you are already 6 months old! You are amazing me more and more each day. I simply can’t get over how much you are growing and learning as time flies by. You’re constantly grabbing things and studying them – the shape, size, maybe even what they’re used for. :) I know everyone thinks their baby is among the brightest, and I am no exception to that stereotype. I know you are so smart already!

We went to your 6 month wellness check up and the doctor said you need to plump up! I told her that you have issues with spoons – you bat them away like they’re going to hurt you. You are so stubborn and it drives me crazy! (I have no idea where you get it!) ;)  She said for us to just be patient with you, that you will come along. We have found that the only thing that works is to feed you with our finger – then you LOVE to eat. Other than that, the appointment went very well (aside from you having to get two shots) :(

Your stats were:
Height: 24.5 inches
Weight: 14 pounds and 3 ounces
Head Circumference: 43 centimeters


You still love watching basketball, but the regular NBA and NCAA seasons are over, so we watch NBA Classics on a pretty regular basis. Your favorite is Michael Jordan, of course. :) We tried to switch to baseball, but you just don’t seem nearly as interested.

You still won’t sit up, which is so frustrating for me, because you excel with everything else but you refuse to sit up like a big girl. We use the bumbo seat all the time – trying to strengthen those muscles, but when we try to sit you down, you immediately stiffen up and straighten your legs to lay down. I guess you’ll get it eventually!

Ellie Beans, we love you SO much. Each and every day, we thank God for giving you to us – the most precious gift we could have ever received. We are so happy to have you in our lives.

Love Always,
Your Momma

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