Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mmm, Mmm . . . Cereal!

Ellie tried rice cereal for the first time this weekend. She LOVED it. I know it is kind of early for cereal – but her antibiotic makes her a little bit edgy so she doesn’t sleep as well as she used to. (I’m hoping that’s what it is - - - it’s the only change we’ve made and she is waking up every two hours at night.) Anyway – we’re just not going to tell her doctor. ;)


CIMG6446 Ignore those chipped pink fingernails. :)

CIMG6449 The only problem is that she is a little impatient. She doesn’t understand why she can’t have the spoon in her mouth constantly – like a bottle. I suppose it takes some getting used to.

CIMG6452 Just a tad bit messy.


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