Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3 Months

Miss Luella Claire,
You are growing so unbelievably fast! I cannot seem to get over how quick these past three months have went by. Everything about you is changing: the way you smile, the sounds you make, the way you communicate with us, your sleep schedule, and most of all – your personality.
I love every little piece of you. Your smile literally melts my heart and your little coo’s and ahh’s make me weak in the knees. You’re precious in every way and I look forward to the many days ahead that I get to see you and watch you grow.

CIMG6576 You smile a LOT . . . which is a-okay with me. Every morning when I go into your room and peek into your crib – this little face is what I’m greeted with. It is my favorite time of everyday.

CIMG6580 This month, you have started to put your little fingers in your mouth. Uncle Jesse hates this the most. He always grabs your hand and pulls the fingers out; this usually is followed with a little grunt from you – letting him know you’re not okay with him messing with you. Then you proceed and put that little hand right back to your mouth.

CIMG6584 You are such a curious little critter. You raise your eyebrows at me all the time. It doesn’t get old, though – I get a good chuckle each time you do.

CIMG6589 I love your chunky legs. I think they are my favorite part of your little body. Every day after work, I come home and squeeze them and talk to you so excitedly. You usually get excited, too, and let out a few adorable cackles.

You have several nicknames. A few of them are . . . .
Ellie Bean
Lu Bird

CIMG6590 Your hair is finally getting a little thicker and longer. I can’t wait to put all of your pretty barrettes in. The headbands will do for now; they are equally precious.

CIMG6592 I have already painted your little fingernails once, but I can’t wait to paint those pretty little piggies this summer.

A few “firsts” this past month:

  • You went out on your first walk – and slept the entire time.
  • You watched your first selection show and “filled out” your first March Madness Bracket.
  • You got sick. :( After 3 trips to the hospital, several tests ran, and lots of worrying by Mom and Dad – you were diagnosed with Bronchiolitis. Scary stuff! After three shots and 10 days on antibiotics, you were much better.
  • You dressed up in green for your first St.Patrick’s Day.
  • You started using your Bumbo seat.
  • You ate cereal for the first time (without the okay from your doctor!)

CIMG6593 I get a lot of curious looks like this one from you.

CIMG6597 ….and other times you will give me silly looks.

CIMG6599 My favorite look of all is your beautiful smile.

CIMG6604 I love you Ellie Claire. Seeing you is my favorite part of every day. You make me so happy – I can’t imagine my life without you . . . and I don’t want to. :)

Love Always,
Your Momma

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